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Reggie and Lou speak at SXSW in Austin


Thought things couldn’t get any better. I found out yesterday things can always get better, Even though you are happy with the way things are going for you now. I Meet a lot of nice people in Austin. Our Austin friends are learning about neurofibromatosis and showing compassion about all who are affected by NF. Shouldn’t surprise me. I always walk away feeling great, as I know the new friends I met feel the same. A big thank you to all who took time to take photos with me! You are all very special to me!


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33 Responses to “Reggie and Lou speak at SXSW in Austin”

  1. adgiant Says:

    This weekend was a lot of fun and we met so many new friends.

  2. adgiant Says:

    Andrew Murphey, of Monkey Wrench Design, and his girlfriend, Amanda, were great. Andrew is the guy in the green shirt. Amanda is the girl with Reggie. Check out their website at

  3. Bart Says:

    Tell us more about it. How long did you talk and were there a lot of questions?

  4. JohnP Says:

    While you were doing your thing in Austin, the CTF – NF Endurance team was running in the first Dallas RnR Marathon. Your name came up, said they wanted to have you come up to Dallas but you had already had the Austin engagement. After seeing you with the Cowboys cheerleaders, I might have opt for that. If anyone interested in seeing the photos;

  5. reggiebibbs Says:

    John, I was sorry I wasn’t able to make it. What a honor. Someone as big as CTF – NF Endurance would want me there fir the event. What a great group to help when ask.

  6. Bart Says:

    I just noticed your visitor map up on the right side. It was neat to see all the different countries with people who have visited your site. Any idea how many countries are represented?

  7. phil Says:

    Reggie has had visitors from over 150 (I think 151, to be exact) countries on his site in roughly the last 2 years.
    He’s had visitors from everywhere on the planet except for some Central African and Central Asian countries. Quite the global ambassador, that Mr Bibbs.

  8. JohnP Says:

    Has he had any visitors from the space station? Then that will be from out of this world.

  9. Bart Says:

    Thanks Phil. That’s amazing. John, that’s a great idea.
    My sister and bro-in-law went on a cruise to Antartica last year and had internet onboard the ship. Too bad I didn’t think to have her visit your site, that’s the only continent without visitors, for now.

  10. adgiant Says:

    Wecould have given them a Just Ask! tshirt too to take a photo of with the penguins.

  11. JohnP Says:

    There was a NF Endurance team that went to Antartica, just got back last week. We could have done that as well.

  12. JohnP Says:

    Also, they could have logged on and then we could have 1 from Antartica to show up on the map

  13. reggiebibbs Says:

    Today, we had over 1,000.00 visits in one day. Viewing photos. Tomorrow will be a high visit day as well. The count start over already, and we have over 100 tonight. Plenty of time to build.

  14. adgiant Says:

    Hello, anybody her-e-e-e-e-e-e?!!

  15. reggiebibbs Says:

    I’m here. I’ve been on fackbook, Had some good conversations. Bounced a few emails answering a few questions.

  16. bigassmamma Says:

    WASSUP! Miss you guys.

  17. bigassmamma Says:

    PS. Lou, I bet you just feel HORRIBLE about cutting those beautiful girls heads out of the middle pic. Maybe next time. . .

  18. adgiant Says:

    Click on the photos and their heads magically reappear. Ta-da!

  19. Gaby Says:

    Hi everybody
    Just heard in the news that Barrack Obama got through with his requests for a better health system :-D

  20. adgiant Says:

    I’m excited.Hopefully the Republicans will eventually show a little support and help make this truly epic legislation.

  21. reggiebibbs Says:

    Good Morning to all. Hi Gaby happy to see you here.

    I don’t understand a lot of what is involved in the health care plan, but from what I’m hearing is that with pre- existing illness, as in my case nf, it will be be a problem to get health insurance.

  22. bigassmamma Says:

    the new health care bill is the worst thing to happen to the US since 9/11. That is all I have to say about that.

  23. adgiant Says:

    Damn Republicans.

  24. libritarian Says:

    not republican. kinda libritarian. kinda just bad ass. but really really really don’t like your litle pic!

  25. phil Says:

    The new health care bill is the worst thing to happen to the US since the 19th Amendment…

  26. adgiant Says:

    Ok, I admit I had to go look it up. Here it is…

    The Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution prohibits each state and the federal government from denying any citizen the right to vote because of that citizen’s sex. It was ratified on August 18, 1920.

  27. adgiant Says:

    Damn women.

  28. phil Says:

    Lou, you get a gold star next to your name, Here, for what it is worth, is the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America:
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    I wonder what “general Welfare” meant then that it doesn’t mean now…wait: don’t ask me, ask Rush Limbaugh (hopefully on his way to Costa Rica) or Glenn Beck (definitely on his way to hell)…

  29. phil Says:

    and before anyone (else) mindlessly (or ‘mindfully’)disagrees with me, feel free to read the entire text of the bill here:

    p.s. — it’s really f**king long; a conspiracist would say that “They” hope you don’t read the whole thing. But you really should. After all, it’s your damn country.

  30. adgiant Says:

    I think we should make Reggie read it then give us a detailed 1-page synopsis.

  31. John Parker Says:

    They have their own medical insurance plan which we are paying for, they do not have to worry about the insurance plan that we will get.

  32. John Parker Says:

    My home computer had a heart attack and died. I had my files backed up three weeks ago, I guess I need to do it more often. Only thing I lost all my favorites. Hopefully tomorrow I be up and running on the birth of my new computer.

  33. adgiant Says:

    You reminded me to back up my stuff. Did it last night. Thanks.

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